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Business Development Services for Accounting, CPA & Financial Firms

What business development goals do you have for you and your firm’s emerging leaders? Are you clear on the difference between sales and marketing and the role each plays in your firm’s growth? From fortifying your reputation to strengthening your team’s sales skills, we can provide guidance on the soft skills needed to bring in new business and develop a strong network of strategic referral partners.

Are you concerned that your younger professionals aren’t educated or confident enough to bring in their own business? Are you worried about the lack of emerging leaders at your firm? Let our business development programs help! At Align, we really enjoy business development strategy, training and coaching. Making a personal impact in someone’s life as they begin to gain confidence in their own abilities is something that we find thoroughly gratifying. Business development training transforms your professionals into rainmakers.

Maybe you’re entering a new market and not sure how to get your name out there. Or struggling with increasing revenue and attracting new hires. Marketing yourself can be downright intimidating, especially if you’re an introvert. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin—or when to take your next step.

As your business development support team, we come alongside you to assess your current situation, provide strategic advice, and offer accountability when needed. We recognize there are times when you’re stretched thin (ahem, tax season) and other times when you must act quickly. Whether you want to unleash the sales potential of your emerging leaders, seasoned managers, or young partners professionals or implement a business development culture at your service firm, Align can help.

Some of the ways we’ve helped clients include:

  • Personal business development coaching
  • Business development training programs
  • Coaching professionals on the development of their personal marketing plans
  • Firm lunch and learn workshops on business development or marketing
  • Start and facilitate firm sales (pipeline) meetings
  • Create targeted lead generation plans
  • Implement marketing lead nurturing strategies
  • Create education webinar programs
  • Develop in-bound website lead generation plans
  • Create client rating systems and client service plans
  • Assist in the ”pruning” of clients to ensure overall firm satisfaction and profitability

Feel Like You’re Spinning Your Wheels? Our Business Development Services Could be For You.

Schedule a free 15-minute conversation about your firm’s business development goals.


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Feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Our business development services could be for you.
See if your a good fit with us. We’d like to chat about your firm’s business development goals.

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