What type of marketing do you do?

We have a highly talented team of marketing specialists who serve as our clients’ out-sourced marketing department. Our AMG team includes a chief marketing officer/marketing strategist who leads the charge in developing a strategic marketing plan – and oversees its implementation on behalf of our clients. The real value of [...]

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How do you charge your clients?

The most common way we charge our clients is by a monthly retainer. The amount for each client’s monthly retainer varies based on the size of their firm, their firm’s specific growth goals and their budget. In general, our out-sourced marketing retainers can vary from $2,500 per month to $10,000 [...]

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What type of experience do you have with financial advisory firms and accounting firms?

Our founder, Kristy Gusick, got her start in the financial services industry in 1994. At that time, she worked for a regional manager within an independent broker/dealer where she helped recruit and launch new advisors, conduct compliance reviews, transition captive advisors, manage client accounts and support senior sales leaders. She [...]

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Do you build websites?

Yes. We are always building new websites or refreshing existing websites for our clients. Whether our clients are on a marketing retainer or simply hiring us for a single, one-off website project, we excel at creating “cutting edge conservative” (some are more conservative and some lean more cutting edge) websites [...]

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Does your team do ghostwriting?

Yes, we have several highly experienced copywriters who excel at translating our clients’ highly technical thought leadership expertise into down to earth, easy to read, digestible content. They write web copy, ghostwrite blog posts, craft bios, develop sales materials, write scripts for videos as well as various other copywriting projects [...]

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How do you measure success?

Determining the return on investment of marketing initiatives is a constant challenge. Not every marketing initiative will directly result in a new client. However, each initiative should have a measurable result such as media impressions, click rates, increased referrals, or social media metrics. We have several ways of reviewing and measuring [...]

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How long does an engagement last?

The time our clients spend with us varies. We have several clients that have been with us for many years. These clients have found that using us as their outsourced marketing department really works for them. However, we also have clients who greatly appreciate having us create the strategic marketing [...]

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How often do you check in with your clients?

We are always in regular contact with our clients. Every month we facilitate a marketing meeting with our clients. During these meetings, we have an agenda created to guide updates on their on-going marketing initiatives. We also ask for our client’s input, feedback and comments on the work we are [...]

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Will your marketing professionals work with our internal marketing/administrative person?

Absolutely! We truly enjoy partnering with our clients’ internal administrative and marketing staff members. In fact, we have formed some extremely rewarding relationships with some of our clients’ internal team members – even helping those individuals develop greater skills and confidence to take on even more marketing responsibilities over time. [...]

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