You are full of fascinating information that your current and prospective clients are interested in. What is the easiest way to share your knowledge? You could definitely write the content yourself, but many busy professionals have found that it’s easier to work with a ghostwriter.

First, let’s review some reasons why creating content is important to growing your practice. Sharing your expertise through a blog post or on your website can reinforce the value you provide to your clients. It will also help you build your reputation as a thought leader if you produce relevant content on an on-going basis. Prospects are searching for information and education online now more than ever, so having your expertise out there will increase your online visibility, which can lead to more prospects contacting you. Lastly, we have found that our clients who consistently create more content have experienced greater growth in their practice. They are thinking critically about topics their clients and prospects are interested in, and therefore are able to close business easier and ask better questions during client meetings.

3 tips on how you can get involved in your firm’s ghostwriting process

  1. As you work with your clients, listen for common questions and concerns that they bring up. As you hear these emerge, make notes so that you can use those questions as topics for your next blog post or website content.
  2. As you are meeting with a networking contact or a strategic referral partner, make note of the questions they ask about your practice. Write these down because repeated questions can serve as excellent blog post topics.
  3. Think about an area of your practice that you want to learn more about or become known as an expert on. These are also great ideas for a blog post or a website page.

Once you have an idea for a blog post, let your firm’s marketing person know, or if you are working with an outsourced marketing firm, let that agency’s project manager know. Ideally there is an editorial calendar in use to plan out content ideas well in advance. That will give you time to do some research on your topic and prepare notes before the ghostwriter interviews you.

The Ghostwriting Process: Broken Down

Here is the process we use with our clients. It might vary at your firm but likely will be very similar.

  • Once your topic has been approved and scheduled, begin to brainstorm thoughts around it. You can also pull content from other sources on the topic. (See section below for ideas on how to gather and record ideas and content.)
  • When it’s time for you to be interviewed, the ghostwriter will schedule a time to talk about your topic, typically a 15-30 minute phone call.
  • Send any and all information/notes on your topic to the ghostwriter prior to the call so they can review and ask additional questions during your call.
  • The ghostwriter will need some time to create a rough draft for you to review.
  • Your name will appear on the byline as the author, not the ghostwriter.
  • The blog post will be published on your firm’s website and shared on your social and digital channels.
  • Share the blog post on your own LinkedIn profile as well – and with your colleagues so they can share on their social channels too.

How Gather Blog Post Ideas

One of the biggest challenges that professionals experience when working with a ghostwriter is coming up with blog post ideas. Here are some the of the ideas we’ve seen work for our clients.

  • Subscribe to several financially-centered newsletters and digests that you believe have great educational content.
  • Use labels or folders in your email to separate and organize articles/newsletters to reference later.
  • Use a spreadsheet to track all ideas, questions from your clients or network and topics you want to learn more about.

If you are looking to increase your credibility with clients, prospects and referral sources, working with a ghostwriter can definitely be a valuable asset. It may take a few occasions for the ghostwriter to have a full grasp of your personal “voice,” but if you’ve hired a seasoned and experienced writer, it will happen quickly. And before you know it, you will be an online expert with more visibility than ever before!

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