When you’re deciding on a restaurant for dinner, chances are you pay attention to its customer reviews. The same is true for people (i.e., your potential clients) who are deciding on a CPA firm for tax or accounting services.

In other words, the reviews your clients leave–or don’t leave—about your firm matter!

Having exemplary client reviews and glowing testimonials about your firm can help to attract new clients and ultimately grow your firm.

Here are a few tips for leveraging client reviews:-

Ask for what you want.

It’s unlikely your clients will leave a positive review without being prompted to do so. You could have hundreds of happy clients who have never thought about writing an online review!

For this reason, consider asking satisfied clients to take a few minutes to write a positive review on the platform of your choice (e.g., Google Business, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). You could even offer to draft a testimonial for your clients and send it to them for review.

It may feel uncomfortable to ask a client for a positive review, but most (happy) clients will gladly oblige. Keep in mind you can always send the testimonial request in an email with a link to your desired review platform.

Showcase your satisfied clients.

Once you’ve collected positive client reviews, be sure to share them! This could mean installing a widget or plug-in on your website to display certain client reviews or including reviews in your marketing materials.

You could also follow up with authors of positive reviews to learn more about their experience. If they’re willing, you could expand their review into a case study, video testimonial, or blog post for your website.

Don’t miss a learning opportunity.

It’s not fun to think about, but every client review you receive may not be positive. This is OK. The important thing is to, if possible, follow up with these clients and, if possible, seek to remedy the situation. At the least, consider it a learning opportunity.

Just as your potential clients are paying attention to your firm’s reviews—you should be too. Make sure you’re checking your firm’s active client review platforms regularly (or receiving notifications of new reviews), so you can keep up with what your clients are saying.

Maintain forward momentum.

Once you establish a process for requesting, sharing, and following up on client reviews, keep it going. Seeing a line of stars next to your firm’s name is high praise for you—and it could be a determining factor for potential clients.

If you’d like to garner more positive client reviews for your CPA firm, the marketing professionals at Align Marketing Group can help. Contact us today to get started!