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Struggling with Recruiting? Here’s How Marketing Can Help

By Kristy Gusick|November 27, 2022|

Struggling with Recruiting? Here’s How Marketing Can Help You’ve heard the angst among colleagues, and you might be experiencing it yourself: staff recruitment and retention is a bigger challenge right now than it’s been for a long time. The last survey from National Management of an Accounting Practice (MAP) [...]

Toxic Client Relationships: How and When to Disengage

By Kristy Gusick|October 13, 2022|

Toxic Client Relationships: How and When to Disengage By Kristy Gusick This is a condensed version of an article that originally appeared in a past issue of the Minnesota Society of CPA’s Footnote Magazine. To request a copy of the full article, please contact Kristy Gusick at Not [...]

10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business Development Efforts

By Kristy Gusick|September 9, 2022|

Sometimes bringing in new business can be frustrating and even a bit overwhelming at times. The best way to consistently generate new business is by laying out a strategic, integrated approach to your marketing efforts. Here are some ideas to help ignite your business development efforts. 1. Thank Your [...]

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Firm

By Kristy Gusick|July 7, 2022|

You know better than to jump into a relationship with an out-sourced vendor without doing all research. As a discerning professional, you qualify everyone—from clients to referral sources to support staff—to make sure they are the right match for you and your practice. The same goes for hiring a [...]

How to Determine the Right Marketing Budget for Your Firm

By Kristy Gusick|June 29, 2022|

One of the most common questions we get when we are talking with financial advisory firms and accounting firms is “what should we be spending on marketing?” Because people seem to always be looking for direction on how to structure their marketing budget, we wanted to share some of the [...]

7 Examples to Help You Communicate Your Unique Brand

By Kristy Gusick|April 1, 2022|

I need to be blunt here. What you think makes you unique and different is most likely not why your clients really choose to partner with you. Often when we’re working with clients, we ask them what makes them different from their competitors and they say things like “We really [...]

How to Successfully Work with a Ghostwriter

By Kristy Gusick|March 22, 2022|

You are full of fascinating information that your current and prospective clients are interested in. What is the easiest way to share your knowledge? You could definitely write the content yourself, but many busy professionals have found that it’s easier to work with a ghostwriter. First, let’s review some reasons [...]

Two Common Misconceptions About Sales

By Kristy Gusick|February 15, 2022|

Over the years as we’ve worked with many different financial advisory firms and accounting firms, we have found there is often confusion around the various roles that sales and marketing play in the growth of a practice. Understanding the differences is essential to your firm’s growth – so we want [...]

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