After intensive review of the benefits and threats of using AI on behalf of our clients, we are implementing an AI SMART AGENCY™ policy at Align Marketing Group.

By using AI applications such as ChatGPT to produce content for your blog, website, social media posts, and more, you can save precious time and money. However, we are aware that using AI as a part of a content strategy also has some potential risks associated with it as well. It is for this reason that we have developed the following policy for how we are approaching the use of AI tools on behalf of our clients.

Align Marketing Group’s AI-Generated Content Policy

Currently, there are significant benefits associated with using AI-generated content. However, we also realize that using AI generated content is still new territory. Our research has shown that AI-generated content also has some potential pitfalls associated with it as well (e.g. risk of plagiarism and ‘hallucinations’) and is not ideal for every situation or every client.

AI must be used thoughtfully—and ideally as part of a larger custom-created content strategy. To ensure we have our client’s best interests in mind, we have thoroughly researched the pros and cons of using AI-generated content.

To help you understand how we at Align Marketing Group use AI-generated content, we have outlined our approach to using AI here in this policy:

  • Our firm’s top priority is, and will continue to be, to produce customized, personalized custom content on behalf of our clients. For more information on our ghostwriting process, read our blog on the topic.
  • With AI-generated content, we will adhere to the 60/40 rule: 60% percent of the content we produce will be human-generated (i.e., follow our traditional content creation process); 40% will be AI-generated.
  • For any AI-generated content: Align will edit the content and then run the edited AI-generated content through verification tools to seek a “human-generated” indicator.
    • If we do use AI-generated content for your website or social media, our process will include the following steps:
    • We will input the content request into AI content generating tool.
    • We will review and edit the AI-generated content as needed.
    • We will input the edited AI-generated content into a third-party verification tool.
    • Once the content receives a “human-generated” rating, we will send the content to you for review/approval.
    • Once approved, we will post the content to your website and promote it via the appropriate channels (e.g., social media, newsletter, SEO optimization, etc.)
  • Most client engagements will remain as is, depending on the frequency and results associated with your AI-generated content. We will discuss any increases in engagement with you in advance to make sure you agree with all changes.
  • If you wish to participate in leveraging AI-generated content for your website, we ask that clients agree to our policy as noted above to ensure transparency for all parties.

If you have questions about our policy or how AI-generated content could benefit your business, let’s talk!

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